Microbiome Science and Your Skin

This article is in collaboration with Lancôme Advanced Génifique.

I have been a fan of the famous little black bottle, Lancôme Advanced Génifique and an avid user for the past year. A solid skincare routine is such an investment for your skin, and using a serum after cleansing and before moisturising is a chance to give your skin a big nutritional hit.

What makes the Advanced Génifique serum so special, is that since it’s launch in 2009, it has been through a whopping 197 formulation trials and it has become world renowned for its breakthrough formulation. After cleansing, using this serum has been nourishing and calming for my skin. It is a powerful anti-aging step to my routine, with the serum working to improve the skin’s key signs of youth.

With Advanced Génifique’s ability to support skins radiance, tone and elasticity, the treatment serum has sold an incredible 25 million bottles worldwide.


Now in it’s 10th anniversary year, a new Advanced Génifique serum is here to support the skins microbiome, further improving the skin’s overall health and appearance. The new Advanced Génifique serum is enriched with 7 pre- and probiotic fractions to support the microbiome, leading to skin that is able to recover faster, feels stronger and looks visibly younger.

Françoise Lehmann, the Global Brand President of Lancôme International says, “microbiome science is a promising new field of research, that has the potential to offer endless possibilities in terms of our overall health and skincare.”

When our microbiome is balanced, our skin is able to defend itself and recover. Our unique microbiome can be compromised by our lifestyle and surrounding environmental conditions, including UV rays, pollution, diet, medications and hormones. The new blend of 7 pre- and probiotic fractions have been selected to deliver the skin essential resources to help the skin better defend and recover.

As well as this powerful formulation, it is also refreshing and lightweight. I love wearing it during the day under my SPF and makeup, which is important to me that my skin can be supported during the day whilst working in with my busy lifestyle. It absorbs quickly into the skin and the dropper allows you to easily control how much of the product that you use.

The new formulation is available at selected Farmers, Pharmacies and Department Stores from August 5th, 2019.



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