Achieving One Of My New Year Resolutions

For the last few years whenever I have been goal setting, one that would repeatedly come up for me to try and achieve was “to have more energy”. I feel like I had struggled with this for years, being a high achiever and often happiest when busy, it became a daily battle for me. Brain fog and three thirty-itis would hit me hard, and those closest to me knew that I was a huge fan of a late afternoon power nap (I was a pro at falling asleep and waking up again naturally after 30 minutes) to re-energise and clear my brain.

When I sat down to write down my goals for 2019, it occurred to me for the first time in about five years, this goal was not among my list. I have more energy than ever, I don’t suffer from late afternoon brain fog and I certainly don’t nap. On a week day I get up around 5:30 (and even sometimes earlier) and have no problem working until 5pm, often continuing with some more work in the evening before I go to bed. Being this productive without a struggle makes me so happy. And I put it down to one thing that I changed – Tru Niagen.

Arriving in a PR send out in October last year, the supplement originally sparked my interest with it’s tagline “Age Better”. I watched a couple of videos about how it worked and I had never heard of NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), a vital resource found in all living cells that your body is abundant with in your teens, but slowly starts declining from your twenties onwards. On their website it explains how when NAD levels decline, so does your skin condition, with collagen and elastin levels dropping. Tru Niagen basically supports the skin at it’s most basic cellular level, so I was keen to try it.

To read and watch more about how the science of Tru Niagen works, click here.

I didn’t have very high expectations of any results but I did find it very interesting and as I had it there I gave it a go. After 14 – 21 days of taking it my skin broke out (which is a normal monthly thing for me) and I noticed it healed incredibly fast, which I thought I could put down to the supplement. From 21 days onwards, however, I started noticing a dramatic change in the way I was feeling. I sort of woke up one morning and it hit me – I had SO much energy. I hadn’t changed anything else, not my diet or my workout routine, but I was just feeling so much better and was capable of being all go, all day. This realisation excited me so much, as I suddenly felt how I had wanted to feel for years!

I researched Tru Niagen a little more and discovered it helps really well with energy production, cognitive function, sleep regulation and liver function. It basically fuels the body’s fuel “engines”. I had been taking two capsules a day and when I ran out I have to admit there was a bit of a panic! I restocked and have been taking it ever since.

For a supplement that I didn’t have particularly high expectations of, and most probably never would have gone out and bought myself, I am absolutely blown away by it. Feeling full of energy and achieving one of my resolutions has been the best surprise for me. THANK YOU Tru Niagen for making me feel like I should feel, and I truly feel like I’m back to my old youthful self. I only know of two other friends that have been taking it (after I posted about it on Instagram) and they also both swear by it. I was gifted the product but I do need to mention that this article isn’t sponsored, I just wanted to share something for those of you that struggle with your energy levels and I urge you to give it a go, because it has worked so well for me. 

As I am probably not the best person to explain how it works, jump on over to their website to have a read. I would also love to hear from any of you that take it, or those of you that will give it a try. I am so excited to see what I can achieve this year and I hope this can help at least one other person that struggles with their energy!


60 capsules retails for $59.95. Visit the Tru Niagen website here.



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