Cool Girl Curls Without The Damage

This article is in collaboration with Remington.

Remington recently brought out a new range called Infinite & Protect, a range designed to protect your hair when heat styling. The range includes a hair straightener, hair dryer and 32mm curling tong. I am always keen to try out new curling tongs because I love experimenting with different types of curls, so I’ve tried and tested Remington’s widest barrel to date.

Firstly, I will say that a 32mm curling tong is not for everyone. It’s on the larger side of barrels and may not be ideal for people with really fine hair (which I do have, so read on as to why I still use it) or for people whose hair doesn’t hold curls very well. That aside, this curling tong has some amazing features and functionality and I would recommend considering it if you’re in the market for a new curling tong.

If you aren’t sure what a wider barrel will create, think big beautiful bouncy waves, or looser curls. This works really well on thicker hair and hair that holds curls easily, which I do not have. But the reason I love this tong so much is it actually creates the perfect “cool girl curl”, it looks like I haven’t actually done my hair and creates the perfect bend and movement to my naturally dead straight hair. Something that is surprisingly hard to achieve!


My hair styled with the new Remington Infinite Protect 32mm Curling Tong, RRP $149.99.

Now into the features and specific functionality of the Infinite Protect tong. The whole Infinite Protect range has Intelligent Sensors and micro-conditioners infused with Shea Oil and U.V. filters. This combination helps increase protection against repeated heat styling which can play havoc with your hair. It also protects it from U.V. sunlight which will help your hair have more vibrancy and shine. This is really important to me as I heat style my hair at least twice a week, so if I can get this protection from my heat tool as well as my products, it’s going to cause less damage to my hair.

The sensor on the curling tong is integrated within the clip. It detects when hair is in between the clip and barrel and continuously adjusts the temperature, with the temperature slowly decreasing in each wrap to deliver a healthier styling temperature. I think my favourite feature of the tong apart from the gorgeous curls it gives me is that there is a further heat adjustment tool so you can select your own temperature between 140° and 210°C, which is functionality not available on a lot of tongs. I’ll crank up the heat occasionally for events, to ensure that I get a long lasting hold.

The ceramic coating on the barrel transfers micro conditioners infused with Shea Oil and U.V. filters to the hair, which is amazing! This has given me a really soft feel and shine to my hair, and all for a retail price of $149.99, I consider it a great option as tools often come a lot more expensive than this. 

The only downside that I found with this tong is my butter fingers did alter the temperature when I was styling. But I must admit I haven’t read the instructions and there’s probably a way to lock the temperature in!

The Infinite Protect range is available exclusively at Noel Leeming, with 5 year warranties.



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