How to get the perfect foundation base that lasts all day

With Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Life Proof Range

A perfect foundation base is one of my favourite things to master. I am such a fan of beautiful, non-cakey, skin-like makeup but it can be a struggle to find the balance between achieving that look and something that actually lasts on your skin. How many of you have looked in the mirror before you leave for the day and been so happy with it, only to be horrified a few hours later that half of it has slipped off your face?!

Over the years I have found a few little tricks that help me achieve a long lasting base but mostly it comes down to the products and the routine. Last month Lancôme released their new Life Proof Range to accompany their Teint Idole Ultra Wear foundation (you will know this is a favourite of mine if you follow me on the gram), which I was so excited about! They have come out with two new primers, a setting powder and setting mist that are all key in getting your base to last all day. Nothing quite beats a range that was designed to work together, and here is how I use them.



It’s all in the Prep. Now I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t always use a primer. On days when I’m in a real rush or when I’m just using a tinted moisturiser I skip this step, but I never ever skip it when I really want my skin to look good. If I know my makeup needs to last the distance, if I have an event or even just everyday use I will use a primer – and the new Prep & Matte and Prep & Hydrate Primers are divine. I have combination skin, so in the warmer months or if I want my skin to look extra flawless I actually use two primers – which both of these have been perfect for!

Before priming I always ensure I have freshly cleansed skin, followed by a light moisturiser. I moisturise immediately after the shower so it has time to sink in. I recommend if you can wait at least 5 minutes for your moisturiser to absorb before priming. I have been loving the Prep & Hydrate illuminating primer as it provides 24-hour hydration and my skin is on the drier side at the moment. It is lovely and light but very nourishing. I’ll then wait another couple of minutes for this to absorb. In the meantime I’ll often tidy up my hair, drink my coffee, groom my eyebrows…

The Prep & Matte Primer is perfect for my t-zone, so I’ve been loving adding this step in for nights out and I know I will use it a lot over summer. This primer is pore minimizing – so great for your t-zone where your pores tend to be larger, and whilst delivering a long-lasting matte result it doesn’t compromise on hydration so it is comfortable. This is perfect for anyone who needs to keep shine at bay, but it still feels like your skin can breathe.


Prep & Hydrate Illuminating Primer, RRP $82.00.


Prep & Matte Refreshing Primer, RRP $82.00.


The Base. There are a couple of ways I like to apply my Teint Idole depending on the coverage I’m after. It is beautifully buildable so you can achieve a medium coverage or a full coverage easily. If I’m after a lighter finish I’ll apply it with a damp sponge and press it in to the skin. If I’m after a fuller coverage I’ll use a dense fluffy brush and tap it into the skin before blending, concentrating on the areas that need more.

This foundation provides 24-hour long wear coverage but never cakes, which is why I love it! It is radiant, covers up any imperfections and it still feels light on the skin. It is even dreamier paired with the primers.

I don’t apply foundation under my eyes and I leave that for concealer (if you want to read how I correct & conceal my under eye area, read here).


Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation, RRP $73.00.


Set It. If you want any of your makeup to last, it is key to set it. If you have been following me for a while you will know I’m not a big fan of typical powders as they can add too much coverage and dry out your skin, leaving it cakey so I am super fussy with the products I use. The Long Time No Shine Setting Powder is to die for. It is a translucent loose powder in a universal shade that is very finely milled and in my eyes undetectable on the skin.

It is always important to use powders with a light hand and a little goes a long way with this powder. I use a big fluffy brush and tap off any excess powder off my brush before lightly tapping it across my skin. I only set my t-zone and it ensures the shine stays away and makes sure my foundation isn’t going anywhere. I use a smaller fluffy brush to do the same under my eyes, where I’ve used concealer. This powder doesn’t change the colour of your foundation and there is no white film, it simply perfects.


Long Time No Shine Setting Powder, RRP $70.00.


Forget It. The last step to make my foundation last all day is the new Fix It Forget It Setting Mist. I used to be a bit skeptical of setting sprays until I had tried them, but they work so well! The Fix It and Forget It Setting Mist not only keeps your makeup in place for 24-hours (if you needed it!), it also protects the skin with an anti-pollution barrier.

It takes care of your skin during the day with beneficial ingredients Vitamin C, moringa and one of my favourite skincare ingredients ever, Hyaluronic Acid. This has been helping set my makeup but also keep it comfortable and hydrated. It has meant I don’t have to check my makeup during the day, and there is certainly no chance of my foundation slipping off my face.


Fix It Forget It Setting Mist, RRP $62.00.


Taylor Hill forLancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Life Proof Range


The Teint Idole Ultra Wear Life Proof Range is available now from selected Pharmacies, Farmers and Department Stores. This article is sponsored.



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