The DMK Facial & Everything You Need To Know

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to visit Loft Beauty Boutique in Mt Eden for my first ever DMK Enzyme Therapy Treatment. I always love visiting Loft and have been going there for a few years now, the gorgeous interior gives you all the feels and the staff are so lovely and knowledgable, so I always walk away feeling like I’ve learnt something – which I love!

Enzyme Therapy and the DMK Enzyme Therapy Treatment has been taking the world by storm and for good reason. You might have seen the crazy photos of the mask drying on peoples faces (and yes this post will include mine!) and I had a lot of questions when I posted that I’d had the treatment on my Instagram, so here I will give you the low down and everything you need to know.

The treatment I had was the Signature DMK Enzyme Therapy Treatment ($180 at Loft Beauty). It definitely was the weirdest facial I have ever had, but fascinating and relaxing all at the same time. And I could seriously feel a difference there and then. 

The treatment starts off with a cleanse, and I had a gentle exfoliating peel mask first that was left on my skin for 5 minutes. This was to get rid of any dead skin cells and prep the skin for the treatment. When it was on my face was glad wrapped with a hot towel placed over it. 

Next step was to remove that mask, then a detoxifying liquid (almost like a toner), was gently swiped across my skin. It didn’t smell too pleasant, and apparently that was toxins leaving my skin?! At this point I was already mind blown!

After that came the main enzyme mask. This is the one that hardens after application, and is left on the skin for a whole 45 minutes. The mask was applied and I then enjoyed a beautiful 5 minute arm massage that really got me relaxed. I attended to some emails and then lay back and let the mask do it’s thing.

Now this part I wasn’t quite expecting to be so intense. The mask dries and tightens – and it tightens SO much you won’t understand unless you experience it yourself. It feels quite strange, but totally fine at the same time! What I then started to notice is I could feel all the blood rushing to my face, and my skin pulsing. This is where the magic happens.

These treatments are designed to rebuild the skin’s core strength to make it healthier and more vibrant. It does this by optimising the skins functionality by working with the internal systems to increase lymphatic drainage and circulation, and by delivering extensive amounts of oxygenated blood and nutrients to the skin cells. I could literally feel this happening which was quite amazing! All whilst working out the facial muscles that leaves the skin feeling firm.

Reverse osmosis then flushes through the cells, helping to clear toxins, waste and free radicals. It increases the water levels in the skin leaving it feeling bouncy and youthful. It also does everything else expected from a facial treatment like this, it increases collagen production, restores structural integrity whilst helping ageing, sun damage, congestion, acne, rosacea and pigmentation.

After the mask was removed my skin felt incredible. Glowing, plump and  youthful with a beautiful glow. The treatment was finished off with beautiful serums and moisturised, of course with an SPF on top to protect.

The idea is to have a course of treatments spaced a week to two weeks apart to get the optimum benefit, and you can get add ons after the treatment like LED light therapy. I’ll be heading back for my second treatment soon. 

The overall verdict: I thoroughly enjoyed the treatment, as weird as the mask may have felt! I could feel it working out my skin and feel the good it was doing, which left me with an insane glow for days. I’ll definitely be investing in this one moving forward!40325368_2179805432084076_2730220017537777664_n






For more information on DMK Facials and to book, visit Loft Beauty here.



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