How to Colour Correct & Conceal for your face

Colour correcting – what is it? It sounds confusing and it can be very overwhelming. You’ve probably heard me go on about it before – I personally swear by it and I colour correct every single day. Even on minimal ‘no-makeup’ days. It sounds high maintenance, but I promise it’s really not. I’m here to break down why you should colour correct and where you should colour correct, and to help you discover the subtle, beautiful difference it can make in your face. At the end of the day, if it makes you that little bit more confident, then I’m all for it!


Even though I’ve been colour correcting for a few years, I have recently fallen in love with the Lancôme Teint Idole Camouflage Colour Correctors as they are highly pigmented with extremely high coverage.

1. The basics

When you first look at the product and see how bright they are, it can be puzzling to imagine using them on your face! So firstly I want to break down for you how these colours work to correct imperfections and skin concerns on your face.

When you use a (very) small amount of the camouflage concealer, when used on the correct area with the correct colour, it neutralises the colour, making your skin tone more even.

The reason I love the Lancôme Teint Idole Camouflage Colour Correctors so much, is that you really only need the tiniest big as they are so highly pigmented. This means that you are hardly adding any makeup to your face, so it won’t get cakey.

The formula is creamy and brightening with a very lightweight feel, resulting in an airbrushed finish. This means even though you are using an extra product, you actually end up using less foundation and traditional concealer as this deals directly with your imperfections.

Personally, I colour correct under my eyes everyday and this is the most common place to correct. I have naturally very dark circles under my eyes, no matter how much sleep I get! Using the tiniest bit of the peach concealer helps to eliminate the darkness, before I finish it off with skin colour concealer over the top.

2. The colours

Remember the colour wheel that you learnt about at school? This is where it comes into practice! I have broken down the colours below, to help you recognise which ones will be good for you.


– The green corrects and neutralises redness and is best for fair to medium skin tones
– The yellow corrects dark circles with blue undertones, ideal for fair skin
– The lavender corrects sallowness and should be used to brighten and is ideal for all skin tones
– The orange/red corrects dark circles and is ideal for dark skin tones
– The peach corrects dark circles with purple undertones, ideal for light to medium skin tones

As I mentioned above I use the peach concealer to colour correct under my eyes every day. Doing this means I can use much less concealer, and less product overall. I also love to add the yellow in to brighten up my under eyes when I’m doing a fuller face of makeup, and in the smile lines around my mouth to help remove some of the shadow. The green is also amazing to neutralise any redness on my cheeks, around my nose or when I get a pesky spot!

The orange/red concealer is perfect for dark circles on darker skin tones and if you have any dark areas on your face that you want to brighten up, then the lavender is perfect. It’s also great for correcting pigmentation marks from the sun.

3. The application

I find the best way to use the colour correctors is after your foundation and before your traditional concealer. I like to use less foundation on the areas I’m going to colour correct, and I avoid using any on my under eye area altogether.

I then go in with a fluffy concealer brush and use a micro amount (again because it is so pigmented) of the colour corrector and blend it in under my eye. The creamy formula blends well and you can use your fingers to warm up the product to speed up the process. A tapping motion works really well and then I’ll then go back in if I need anymore product – it’s better to start with less and add more!

Once I have done that I’ll go in with the traditional concealer over the top. I’ve been using the Teint Idole Concealer in 025, and again this is beautifully pigmented so you don’t need much. Using both of these allows me to get a beautiful, natural finish and a bright under eye area.

To finish, set the area with a tiny bit of a translucent loose setting powder to set it in place and it will last the whole day.

An extra tip: Highly pigmented products can take a little longer to blend that a lighter one. To further blend this into your skin, use your foundation brush or sponge and go back in with that to blend it out.

When using these colour correctors correctly, they can really even out your skin tone, brighten up your face and I feel like they make me look healthier in general. I love the results and I encourage you to try it out for yourself.

The Lancôme Teint Idole Camouflage Colour Correctors are available on counter from 16th July 2018 at selected Life Pharmacies, Smith and Caughey’s and Farmers with an RRP of $61.00. Shop the colour correctors online here.



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