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Organic Nation | Where nature meets cosmeceuticals

Organic Nation represents pure performance to bring about real change to the skin’s appearance. Transparency to track ingredients from the soil to the skin to ensure authenticity. Best practices from Green Chemistry to ensure sustainability, certified organic ingredients to ensure purity and potency. Organic Nation, Pure Performance.

A couple of week’s ago I was lucky enough to attend a beautiful high tea at the Cordis hosted by Vanessa Jilly and Advanced Skin Technology. As a long-time fan of AST and an avid user of Aspect, Aspect Dr and Cosmedix, as soon as I received the invite I knew that this was going to be something special.

Vanessa and her husband George Jilly have been on an organic skincare journey for 25 years. After refocusing and setting high benchmarks in 2014, Organic Nation was born, with this higher standard incorporating performance, sustainability, transparency and accessibility. In 2017 a distribution partnership was formed with cosmeceutical market leaders AST, whom recognise the importance of organic, sustainable, yet highly effective skincare.

Starting off with what meets the eye, the Organic Nation packaging is luxurious, weighty and sleek and you can immediately appreciate the work that has gone into it, recognising that the ingredients won’t be compromised. The range is clear and easy to understand, broken down into Performance Serums, Cleansing and Hydration.

What immediately drew me to this brand is their transparency. They actively track ingredients from ‘soil to skin’ and each product has the certified organic content specified with a percentage.

By ‘soil to skin’, Organic Nation state that they go to incredible lengths to ensure they understand the horticultural process by visiting their locations and having dialogue with their farmers and suppliers. Many plant materials are extracted using chemical solvents that enable cheap and quick processing of ingredients, which to be blunt, can simply destroy and loose their benefits altogether. By having a relationship with their suppliers, Organic Nation are confident that the ingredients they use deliver their true potency and ensure performance.

With this true potency and performance, ON is built on the foundation of ensuring the actives used in their products have research-proven results.

Something that sets them apart from other organic skincare and something that I love to see is they are using stem-cell science, Vitamins A and C and peptides for proven results. ON use a unique combination across several of their products, bringing opportunity to achieve the best result for your skin.

Over the last few weeks I have been using the Black Rice Scrub, RRP $60.70, the More Than Rose Hydration Mist, RRP $68.30 (which I LOVE), the Supernatural8 Recovery Oil, RRP $82.20 (which I also love…) and the Hydration Day Cream, RRP $103.70. To be honest, I really have loved using them all.

These products really do bring the spa experience home, with the smell of the essential oils immediately relaxing and de-stressing your body and mind. This is why the More Than Rose mist is one of my favourites, as you are enveloped in the scent of the beautiful Damask rose as you spritz this across your face.

Organic Nation worked with perfumers to create their signature fragrances, not only to delight your senses but more importantly because artificial fragrances can be damaging to your hormones.

The Black Rice Scrub is beautiful to use – it deeply cleanses and detoxifies the skin whilst exfoliating and resurfacing. It contains the powerful antioxidants Ginkgo and Ginseng and Lavender, Vetiver and Jasmine essential oils, Vetiver known as “the oil of tranquility” to provide a warm and earthy aroma.


Black Rice Scrub, RRP $60.70 for 150ml.

 The More Than Rose Hydration Mist is for refreshing, hydrating and quenching your skin. It is blended with Aloe Leaf Juice to hydrate and calm the skin and sodium hyaluronate which is produced by natural bio-fermentation to create a plumping effect and to increase microcirculation.


More Than Rose Hydration Mist, RRP $68.30 for 100ml.

The Supernatural8 Recovery Oil is something I’ve been enjoying slathering my skin in each evening. It is a nutritive blend of eight powerful plant oils and super fruit vitamins to soothe, calm and deliver exceptional hydrating and fortifying benefits to your skin, ideal to detoxify, smooth and balance skin.

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Supernatural8 Recovery Oil, RRP $82.20 for 30ml.

The final product that I’ve been loving is the Hydration Day Cream with plant stem-cell science. It is a light moisturiser that is full of nourishing plant emollients that helps to improve the skins tone and hydration as well as the plant stem-cell science that improves the overall appearance of ageing skin.


Hydration Day Cream, RRP $103.70 for 100ml.

Next on my list to try will definitely be the Skinfood4 Vitamin Serum, which is full of vitamins A, B, C and E to protect the skin and reduce signs of ageing.

I really feel like Organic Nation has hit the nail on the head, delivering both sustainable, non-toxic organic skincare with the power of cosmeceuticals.

Treatments are available and I can’t wait to try one out, I can already see how relaxing they will be with delivering results at the same time! There are a few spots available around New Zealand at the moment but will become more readily available. Organic Nation products will be available from AST stockists – for more information visit the Organic Nation website or the Advanced Skin Technologies website here.



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