30 reasons why your 30’s are better than your 20’s

As a 30-and-a-half year old, I was not one to publicise six months ago the fate in which I was headed. To be honest, I dreaded the idea of turning 30. It was weird, and it was scary. No one really knew I was about to turn 30 apart from my nearest-and-dearest and I most certainly did not dare post anything on social media for the horror of people actually finding out how old I was.

Six months down the track, after having a conversation with a friend on a road-trip recently, I came to the realisation that, hang on – your 30’s actually are WAY better than your 20’s. For so many reasons. And all my (30-something-year-old) friends seem to be in agreeance. So far it has been some of the six best months of my life and I continue to see it getting even better.

So I decided to share with you 30 reasons out of the so many reasons of why your 30’s actually are better than your 20’s, and hopefully this will make some of my 27, 28 and 29 year old followers realise that your life isn’t nearly over. It’s only just beginning.

1. You know who your friends areThis one is a major for me and seemed to be a popular one when I asked you guys on Instagram. You have spent all of your life learning about friendship, cut off the negative and toxic relationships and have a smaller group of true, real friends.

2. There’s not much that you aren’t better at (except partying). The beauty of getting older is that obviously your skill set improves and you do only get better at most things, which makes everything more enjoyable. Partying though – you do become worse at. A night out that I would have had in my early 20’s would surely kill me now, but as you will see a bit further down, that’s okay because there’s more fun things in store.

3. You have more cash. This was one of the things my friend mentioned in our road-trip conversation. In fact he said, “Your 30’s are just the same as your 20’s except you have more cash.” And with cash comes freedom and financial security. And nicer things!

4. The pressure on your career is off (or lessened). There’s none of the pressure that you get just after leaving school or university. It was a hard one for me paving a way through the digital industry, and it does help that it is now a thing, but it was a lot harder six years ago when I was just starting out!

5. Adult-ing is way more fun when you’re good at it. Everything becomes funner when you’re better at it. Cooking, baking, cleaning, paying bills – it’s all so satisfying when it’s all in order and second nature!

6. You’ve developed your personal style. You know what you like and what you don’t like. You’ve experimented and had disasters and learnt what you suit and curated a beautiful (ever-growing but ever-refining) wardrobe and you waste less money as a result.

7. It’s fun to be a nana. This is a serious one and one of the best things about this age! You no-longer have an issue with telling people how much you hate ‘going out’ and going out is now going for dinner and being home in bed by 10pm so you can still watch an episode of Netflix and get your 8 hours sleep so you aren’t late for the gym in the morning. And I promise you, it’s way more fun.

8. You are older and wiser. Yep, when it comes to pretty much everything.

9. Everyone is having babies. The love that this opens up in you is incredible, and watching these little personalities develop and getting to have them in your life is pretty cool.

10. You’re over your insecurities. You learn to love yourself and these are no longer a focus.

11. Your holidays are better. And more frequent. Being able to choose where you want to go and planning a holiday without a crippling fresh-out-of-uni budget is life-changing!

12. Vacuums are actually exciting. And so are mops (if you ever need recommendations, like where to buy my imported best mop in the world that I bought on Amazon or you want a review of my Dyson Animal V6 let me know, I’ve got you).

13. You care less about what other people think. This was another trend when I asked you guys on Instagram. It really is true. You develop a much more carefree outlook and realise that doing what you want to do is the most important and rewarding thing.

14. You are way more chilled. And your life is way more drama free. You’ve been through it all already and realise life is better when you don’t react.

15. People take you more seriously. Even though you don’t care what people think, it is nice not having to prove yourself.


16. You’ve developed more self-confidence. I don’t really like saying you “accept” yourself for who you are because that kind of sounds like you don’t think that highly of yourself. I like to think you LOVE yourself for who you are because you are amazing and this helps in all aspects of your life.

17. You appreciate the little things. Like having a routine, freshly washed sheets, nature and taking a walk outside, having a bath with a good book and beautiful candle. And a good vacuum. These are the good things in life.

18. You work harder. I think you get over any laziness that comes with your early twenties and establish how you work best, which all leads to more satisfaction.

19. You’re no longer entitled. This is a big one. I don’t believe I was ever entitled as such, but you know that if you want to get anywhere it takes hard work and determination. Things just don’t happen.

20. Getting ID’d is actually a compliment. Rather than it being a pain, especially when you genuinely forgot it, it’s so exciting to get asked for ID! Like, you really think I could possibly be 17 when I’m nearly double that age?! I love you!

21. Hangovers are 100% life-threatening. And this is a good thing because you ensure that they are less frequent, a couple of times a year max! Because trust me, they last two whole days and 48 hours of pure pain and regret.

22. Your health and loved ones are everything. These are now your priorities, the way it should be.

23. You are happy with who you are. Adding on to developed self-confidence, a general happiness with who you are comes along and it’s lovely.

24. You’ve learned how to say no. You value your time more and have learnt the importance of saying no. This lets you have more energy and time for the things that mean the most to you.

25. Weekends are about spending it at home. You learn to love every minute of being able to be at home, spending it with loved ones.

26. You know what you are passionate about. Again, you have learned to know what you love and what you love doing and can spend more time investing in these people, careers and activities which leads to better life-satisfaction.

27. You understand quality over quantity. This applies to pretty much everything in life. You are happy with less and invest in quality over quantity.

28. You become good friends with your parents. Or even better friends with your parents. 

29. You actually look forward to exercising. You learn to value this special escape time and love investing in your body and your health.

30. You appreciate your body. Everyday that your body allows you to get up and live is amazing and you need to look after it, so you can spend another amazing 30 years on this planet.



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