Rebranding and Life Update

Hi Team! Thank you for stopping by and for reading this post and welcome to my new brand – Hannah Carson.

It seems a little strange to say good bye to Beauty by Hannah after two years. But I am at that stage where I have outgrown the name and I was starting to feel restricted by it. Don’t get me wrong – my blog will remain first and foremost all about beauty. But I love to share more than just beauty and all of my other passions, including fashion and lifestyle.

I’m at a point in my life where I feel like I’ve been simplifying things a lot. Around the house, with work, with my routine, and I feel like this blog re-brand fits in with that. Spending two weeks in Bali mid year for the wedding was so luxurious and simple. I’ve recently figured out why I like hotel rooms (or villas) so much. There’s no clutter, not too much going on. Just simplicity. So with my blog, let’s just keep it me and everything I like and like to share with you all. Let’s keep it simple. No over-thinking posts and making the process more complicated than it should be because I want to make it perfect. Stop waiting for the perfect moment and just do it.

Marco and I married seven weeks ago now so I felt like it was a great time for a fresh start, as well as a chance to hold on to my maiden name as I have personally changed to his 😉 I’ve had lots of questions about planning a destination wedding, so stay tuned for my post all about it.

In the meantime, thank you for still reading two years on and if you’re knew to my blog and space, welcome. I hope you continue to enjoy and I appreciate each and everyone of you!

Talk soon, xx



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