Extend and Personalise Your Hair Colour at Home with Kérastase

Who doesn’t love the fresh just-left-the-hairdresser feeling? Everyone who colours or highlights their hair knows and loves the radiant, shiny, healthy feeling that your hair only has once you’ve been in the hairdressers’ chair. But why shouldn’t we be able to have this feeling at home, DIY? My fellow blondes out there, what if there was a way you could extend your fresh, creamy colour and even colour correct it and remove yellow tones yourself?

Introducing the latest range from Kérastase Paris, Chromatique, ‘The era of personalisation’. The new revolutionary range let’s us take colour retouching home, inspired by the universe of makeup where highly pigmented shades correct and balance uneven skin tones, as well as illuminate the features we love. If we can correct and enhance the skin tone at home, why not the colour of our hair? Kérastase asked this question, answered and delivered.

Using the colour wheel that you learnt at school, red is opposite to green, yellow is opposite to violet. In the same as colour correcting with makeup, Kérastase has now created the incredible addition of direct dyes to the Reflection collection.

As a blonde, battling yellow and brassy tones that appear a few weeks after a visit to the hairdresser has been a 10 year long battle for me. The new Cool Blond Colour Correcting ink-in-care, when added to the colour protective conditioning Masque now allows me to correct and enhance my colour, at home, between salon visits! With the addition of a Masque for fine hair and a Bain Chromatique Riche for highlighted and sensitised hair, my life has immediately been relieved of the panic of getting back to the hairdresser.

Several weeks on from my last visit, the results I have been trialing are undeniable. The softness is still there, the shine and radiance and to my absolute delight, no brassy tones. For brunettes combatting redness, there is a cool brown ink, as well as a beautiful copper to brighten up the red-head’s out there.

As a lot of you already know, I am getting married in Bali in six weeks time. This means my last salon visit will be a few weeks before the wedding – so I am 100% taking this range with me!

To locate your nearest Kérastase consultant salon visit www.kerastase.co.nz.



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