My top picks from Zara

Zara for years has been my ultimate go-to, having ensured I visit the store in every country I travel to. I have an impressive collection of Zara items from over eight different countries and on any given day at least one item in my OOTD will be from the fashion power house.

Therefore I had mixed emotions about it arriving in New Zealand (albeit finally) as I did not want to share my wardrobe staple. After much reassurance from friends, “It’s the way you style it” and “People are still going to buy ugly s***,” I decided that I was actually beyond excited for it’s arrival.

Last Thursday finally arrived and I headed down with a couple of friends and I could hardly control my excitement. It’s still sinking in that Zara is really and truly only a 20 minute drive away and that I can visit it any day that I please.

The store, of course, is beautiful and surprisingly deep (it’s much larger than the store front appears). I had a great look at the stock, picked up some great new items and the prices are extremely affordable – exactly the same as overseas.

I’ve put together some of my top picks and if you are new to Zara, make sure you go and check it out. Just make sure you add some creative flair when styling (my favourite is to mix it with higher end items) and you’ll be good to go!


This gorgeous red velvet number is actually a body suit. They also have pink and navy velvet tops with gorgeous ties that tie at the back of the waist.


This navy poplin shirt is one of my purchases. I love the ties on the wrists and the oversized fit. It was only $85!


How gorgeous are these fluffy heels! Perfect with cropped pants this spring.


Another one of my purchases, these gorgeous strappy heels. These are real leather and were insanely priced at only $95.


These high-waisted straight leg jeans are amazing. Most of the jeans were priced from $65 – $90.


This sequin dress is super cute and would be perfect for spring evenings over a white tee.

Happy shopping!! xx



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