The new look of Nutritive Hair Care

I have always been a fan of Kérastase, so it was a pleasure to attend a Kérastase lunch at True Food & Yoga last week. In the building of the old Hammerheads, True Food & Yoga has been set up by Nic & Kelly Watt and is every healthy food lovers dream.

Over a gorgeous lunch in September sunshine, we learnt about the latest addition to the Nutritive range. The latest addition to the range is perfect for those seeking something even more nourishing than the original Kérastase Nutritive, providing the most durable nourishment yet. Combining the power of Kérastase advanced research and the science of dry hair to introduce Nutritive Magistral for severely dry hair.

Severely dry hair can occur for multiple reasons and results from alterations to the surface of the hair, either caused naturally or by external aggressors. The hair cuticle scales become raised which produces the rough feel and a dull, lifeless look.

The collection provides intense nourishment from within to give hair the feeling of having just left the salon, everyday. Hair is more lively, softer and shinier, ultimately reversing hair damage.

What I absolutely love about the new collection, is that Kérastase has introduced a new package design with lighter caps, to save an estimated 45 tons of plastic per year, to help support L’Oreal’s goal of becoming completely sustainable by 2020.

We also learnt the importance of getting your hair subscription right. Nutritive Magistral will only be suitable for the driest hair. If your hair is dry but not quite severe, the original Nutritive range will still deliver outstanding results.

Also stay tuned for Kelly from True Food’s homemade Kombucha recipe to help nourish your body from within – I currently have my own fermenting in the kitchen! xx



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