Clarins Multi-Active Day & Night

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the Clarins Launch Breakfast for the new Multi-Active range, an anti-aging range formulated especially for women in their thirties.

Over a beautiful breakfast setting at the Sofitel, we learnt about the different stresses that everyday life puts on our skin and how the new Multi-Active Day & Night range targets these stresses.


How gorgeous was the set-up!


The range was specifically formulated to combat the effects that stress and hectic schedules have on your skin, visibly reducing fine lines and increasing radiance. It incorporates a Cell-Targeting System, an innovation from Clarins Laboratories, that allows capsules of Teasel Extract to target the key cell responsible for youthful skin, the fibroblast. Teasel Extract is a powerful plant antioxidant which fights the effects of a stressful lifestyle.


Teasel Extract encapsulated in the Cell-Targeting System.


The Multi-Active Jour (RRP $79.00) contains Myrothamnus extract, a plant from South Africa capable of surviving without water, which helps absorb the harmful effects of daily stress. The Multi-Active Nuit (RRP $87.00) contains Organic Californian Poppy, that closes at night to regenerate itself, which helps compensate for the harmful effects of late nights and interrupted sleep. The whole range also incorporates Clarins exclusive anti-pollution complex.

I have trialed the new range for two weeks and my skin absolutely loves it. I’ve been using the range for Normal to Dry skin. Having been recently traveling, combined with this horrendous winter weather (I have a love-hate relationship with our heat pumps), my skin has been playing up. Not normally one to have a problem with my skin, it had been incredibly dry, with dry patches and a lot of redness so it was the perfect time to switch up my skincare and see if this would make a difference.

Within a couple of days I noticed a difference, my redness dramatically reduced as well as my skin feeling much more hydrated. The ‘radiance’ pigments in the Multi-Active Jour leave my skin looking glowing. I have been using these creams in conjunction with the Clarins Cleansing Milk for normal to dry skin and love the combination. Not quite in my thirties but with them looming in the near horizon this range has left my skin in a much happier place, with my immediate skin concerns subsiding. I highly recommend this if you are in your twenties or thirties and are looking to take better care of your skin, it’s never too early to start.

The new range will be available in store from August 8th and is customisable for all skin types.

Multi_active_duo_jour and nuit

Multi-Active Jour, RRP $79.00 and Multi-Active Nuit, RRP $87.00.







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