The chicest way to store your makeup & makeup storage inspiration

Storing your makeup can be a pain and in the past I know I am guilty for having everything lumped into dirty sponge bags. This not only is a hive for bacteria, but not being able to see the products and brushes that you actually own is very uninspiring and can mean you forget to use things that you should be using or trying.

I have found some gorgeous images of beautiful makeup and beauty areas and the latest trend is to store products and brushes in used candle holders. I love it! I will now be burning my candles more often instead of trying to preserve them, knowing that I won’t be throwing out the gorgeous jars.

I am a big fan of draw dividers and ‘makeup organising’ containers for the difficult shaped products. High quality yet affordable containers are available at Howards Storage World here.

Organising your space will not only help you enjoy using it more, it will also save you time! If you don’t own much makeup, don’t worry – it will be even easier to organise your space and make it look pretty!

If you missed how I store my makeup, watch my video here.







Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 10.56.23 AM

All original images can be found via my pinterest.



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