Fit N It Stylish & Flattering Gym Wear (& Discount Code!)

Stylish, flattering and affordable gym wear that is also high quality can be hard to find. I recently came across Fit N It, a woman’s gym wear label designed by ex-police and personal trainer Jamie Best – and it is too good not to share!

The first thing that struck me was the playful designs, my absolute favourite being the leopard print crop (featured, RRP $39.95 and for 20% off use the code BEAUTY20). Not only is the clothing stylish, the thought that has gone into the design is brilliant for women. Jamie has specifically designed the clothing to be flattering on women of all shapes and sizes; featuring tights that have higher waists to help keep those muffins in place, patterned designs that stop cellulite from being visible and the plain black fronts to create a slimming effect. They even do weight-lifting gloves in pink!

Jamie was inspired to create her range since training mums, where she realised the importance of comfort and looking good in active wear. “A lot of mums feel self conscious about their bodies after they change from having children, so it was important that my active wear helped with that,” says Jamie. “I wanted to create a brand that made women feel good about themselves when they wore it.”

Jamie initially joined the New Zealand Police to make a difference, but dealing with women on a daily basis who had no self esteem and no confidence as the result of abusive relationships took it’s toll and it is originally where the idea to create Fit N It came from. Becoming a personal trainer and also inspiring women to get involved with becoming active has been very satisfying to Jamie, “seeing women wearing my brand which represents self-confidence is so rewarding.”

I’ve tried out my crop and I can say that not only does it look insanely cute, it’s comfort and quality live up to my expectations! I definitely find it easier to get myself to the gym when I feel good about what I’m wearing. I asked Jamie if she has any advice on staying motivated (apart from wearing cute outfits), “The best advice I can give to keep yourself motivated is to set non-negotiables in your life. It’s like how everyday we get up and we know we have to brush our teeth. Everyday you should get up and be active.” Great advice, Jamie!

View the entire Fit N It range here and like their Facebook here. For an exclusive 20% off any purchase use the code BEAUTY20.



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