Native Greens Ultimate Green Formula & Giveaway!

The latest health supplement I have been loving is Native Greens by Victory Labs. It is the ultimate green formula that contains the equivalent to 8 servings of fruit & vegetables! It has 29 natural ingredients and added superfoods.

I’m the first person to tell you that eating right is the most important thing and you shouldn’t need to rely on supplements, but this is the perfect way to add punch to your morning smoothie. It is great tasting (comes in chocolate and kiwi strawberry) but the best part it has zero grams of sugar!

Benefits you may get are maintaining healthy detox pathways, a boosted immune function, better digestive function, boosted energy and alkalizing benefits. It has ultra-concentrated phyto and micro nutrients – a blend of greens, reds, superfoods, herbs, pro-biotics and anti-oxidant rich berries.

Stay tuned to my instagram for a Native Greens giveaway this weekend! Follow me, @hanniecarson here.



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