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For the last six weeks I have been trialing an award winning anti-aging serum by New Zealand skincare company Snowberry. Snowberry was the only one in the world in 2015 to be invited to present its anti-wrinkle New Radiance Face Serum with Cu-PEP to the World Congress of Dermatology. With something this impressive of course I had to try it!

Snowberry’s copper peptide serum was tested in a double-blind placebo clinical trial by Dermatest in Germany, with outstanding results. The trial showed that the serum out-performed the placebo in wrinkle volume reduction by 55.7%. Also when comparing the results to published clinical trials – it is also outperforming retinol products.

So on paper, the serum is incredible. The copper peptides are essential for stimulating the immune system when the skin is damaged and then for initiating effective skin healing, including the replacement of scar tissue with normal skin. The serum combines the copper peptides with sodium hyaluronate and glycerine to moisturise, hydrate, help to combat free radicals and stimulate collagen production.

I added it into my current skin routine for six weeks, alternating it with a retinol serum every second night, but using it every morning. I was surprised at how hydrating it was so ended up using it without applying a moisturiser afterwards. As I already look after my skin so intensively, I was pleasantly surprised to actually notice a difference after a couple of weeks of using the New Radiance serum. As well as assisting with my skins hydration level (as I suffer from dry skin), I noticed that my skin had a healthy glow to it – which other people noticed and commented on as well! I had read that the serum can assist in skin’s radiance and I am happy to say that it truly has helped. Another bonus is my foundation sits much more nicely on my skin after using it in the morning.

After doing some more research on the serum, Snowberry is specifically formulated to help counter the six enemies of radiant skin; dehydration, inflammation, glycation, free radicals, discolouration and metalloproteinases (metalloproteinases is as complicated as it sounds; to put it simply there are proteinases necessary for components of cell remodeling and repairing tissue damage). Therefore the healthy glow that I experienced from using the New Radiance serum makes complete sense!

So if your skin is dull or lacking a healthy glow, or if you are looking to add something anti-aging into your skincare routine, I highly recommend it. It is also surprisingly affordable at NZD $42 for 30ml. Snowberry’s Everyday SPF15 sunscreen is also fantastic, without containing any chemicals that are bad for the environment.

Snowberry is available online here, or for a list of stockists click here.



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