The latest additions to my skincare regime

I’m a huge fan of Paula’s Choice Skincare (available here) and have religiously been using the Resist range for over a year. I was perfectly happy with it but sometimes I feel like my skin needs a change and a few weeks ago I added a few more products into my regime along with my existing Paula’s Choice products. I am already extremely happy with the results! Read on to find out what I’ve added!

Having failed to get a salon treatment for over a year (for numerous reasons, one being life!) I headed to Exquisite Laser Clinic in Parnell. I opted for a microdermabrasion mixed with a facial and it was the best thing I have done for my skin all year! It was just the rejuvenation it needed and I took home some products to help maintain the salon feel at home.

I was out of a cleanser so Marnie chose me the Results RX ‘RX Clean’ Exfoliating Cleanser, RRP $69.95. Even though I had been using a 2% BHA product from Paula’s Choice I had dead skin build up and black heads. I am extremely surprised at how little the blackheads have returned (after three and a half weeks) whilst using this cleanser, so I’m happy to say it works! It’s extremely purifying whilst being gentle and it doesn’t dry out my skin.

The second product I’ve added is by Aspect Dr and is their Multi B Plus Serum, RRP $129.95. We chose this as my skin was dehydrated and this is very hydrating without any oil. The Vitamin B’s help treat dullness, fine lines and wrinkles and water-loss. It feels so luxurious to use and I’ve been using it both morning and night. My skin feels a lot more hydrated and has a healthy glow to it. This would have to be my favourite product out of the three.

And lastly, the Xcell Illuminate Anti-Aging Eye Serum, RRP $130.00. This is a really cool product as the serum reflects rainbow-pearl-like colours (the best way I can think of how to describe it). This is perfect for me as I genetically have dark circles under my eyes, so it reflects light like no other under-eye cream I have used before and plumps up the under eye area. My normal concealer doesn’t have to work as hard now and still sits perfectly on top of it.

All in all I’m really happy with all the new products and looks like they’ll be here to stay. I’m glad I chose to mix up my skin routine, as even though I was happy with it I didn’t realise there was so much room for improvement. It also goes to show that it can pay off to go and visit the professionals!

I’m going to be visiting Exquisite Laser for some Laser Genesis Skin Rejuvenation and a Peel over the next few weeks which will be a first for me, so stay tuned for those posts! Click here to see Exquisite Laser Clinic’s service list.




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