4 Reasons Why You Should Dry Body Brush

I have recently started dry body brushing again and it makes me wonder why I ever stopped! My skin is smoother, brighter and the health benefits are huge. Read on to find out the benefits of dry body brushing.

1. Exfoliation – This one is quite obvious. The process of dry body brushing removes excess and dead skin cells, leaving your skin immediately softer and smoother. Over time you will notice less clogged pores and if you do it before you jump in the shower then any products you then use will also be absorbed more easily into the skin.

2. Energizing – The process of dry body brushing is very energizing. I love to do it before my morning shower and you can actually feel your blood circulation immediately improve. Dry brushing is an ancient Ayurvedic ritual and increasing circulation is one of the many reasons it would be performed. The skin is the largest organ on your body and the process helps deliver oxygenated blood to it.

3. Toxin Elimination and Lymphatic Drainage – Dry brushing delivers the same benefits of detoxification as massage. It encourages lymphatic fluid and waste to travel, by stimulating the nerves under the skin, to the lymph nodes so it can then be eliminated (The dirt on dry brushing, Shape.com). It also helps remove any blockage on the skins surface.

4. Reduces Cellulite – Although there is no scientific evidence to yet support this, the process of improving your circulation and toxin elimination theoretically should do so! If performed everyday the light massage on the skin should help remove the toxin build up under the skins surface which causes the dimples. And Miranda Kerr is a huge fan of dry body brushing, which is enough to convince me!

So – the correct way to dry body brush is starting at your feet and moving your way up your body using long strokes on limbs and a circular motion on joints. Always move towards your heart and Ayurvedic medicine says to avoid your heart and chest. With just 2 – 3 minutes a day you will start to notice a huge difference, although some recommend as long as 5 – 10 minutes. The best time to do it is before your shower in the morning, so you can wash off the dead skin afterwards and it will leave you feeling energized.

Look for a brush with cactus bristles for the best results, available from The Body Shop, most pharmacies and health stores. Happy brushing x

Resources: The dirt on dry brushing, Shape.com. Dry skin brushing, Conscioushealth.net.



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