7 Must-Have Makeup Brushes for Beginners

Knowing where to start with makeup brushes can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of different types and shapes available. I sat down with makeup artist Nicola from blush baby to find out if you must have a few brushes to start off with, what would they be? We settled on eight different brushes that will have you fully equipped.

1. A Big Fluffy Foundation Brush – Long gone are the days of a traditional flat tapered foundation brush and this is definitely my favourite tool to use to apply my foundation and bb creams. They’re super quick to use and blend foundations seamlessly into the skin.


2. An Angled Brush – Use this to fill in your eyebrows perfectly; even if you are using a pencil always blend out the edges with one of these. This is perfect for applying gel liner and eyeshadows to the edge of your lashes.


3. A Fluffy Blending Brush – This is probably one of my favourite brushes to use. Create a subtle or intense eyeshadow look effortlessly, and blend blend blend using motions back and forth like a windscreen wiper in your eye socket. It is an absolute must for pretty much any eye look.


4. Flat Eyeshadow Brush – These are great for packing on colour all over the lid. You can even use it to apply concealer.


5. Lip Brush – This is the only one Nicola and I disagreed on! Nicola insists that a good lip brush is key to applying the perfect bold lip. And she’s right. However, I prefer my nudes so can get away with applying it directly. If you are into a red lip however you will need one!


6. A Flat Contouring Brush – This is probably one of the easiest and fastest ways to contour and bronze your face. You just need to make sure to not use too much product as it will end up stripey. Less is more!


7. A Blush Brush – This one is pretty self-explanatory, but having a nice tapered blush brush makes application easy and natural looking!


Thank you Nicola for sharing your wisdom! Check out her website here and stay tuned to Beauty by Hannah for her full interview! The brands of brushes I have featured are just some of my personal favourites that are affordable and great quality (okay, the Nars doesn’t exactly fall under the affordable category but I had to include it). There are many amazing brands out there that do a good job!




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