Three Ways to Whiten Your Teeth at Home That Work

There’s no better accessory than a pearly white smile and with these three simple DIY tricks you don’t need a big budget for brighter teeth – and they really do work!


1.    Oil Pulling – Oil ‘Pulling’ with Coconut Oil. This method has been used for thousands of years and originated in India. It is the process of popping a teaspoon of coconut oil (organic, cold-pressed please) into your mouth and swishing it around for 15-20 minutes. Sort of using it like a mouthwash. There are many benefits of oil pulling including teeth whitening, as it removes plaque from the teeth. You will also remove bad bacteria and reduce your chance of gingivitis, according to a study done by the Indian Journal of Dental Research. I’ve tried this one myself and it is not my personal preference, as I didn’t like the texture or sensation, but if you are going to try this yourself you can start off with five-minute sessions and build up to 15-20 minutes. This is definitely the most dentist-approved option. For the best benefits do this once a day.

2.    Activated Charcoal – also known as activated carbon. This is an extremely easy and inexpensive way to whiten your teeth! In Korea, it is even added to toothpastes. You can buy it from health stores in capsules, and it is completely safe for your body (some even believe it detoxes you – and it is used in emergency rooms to treat poisons). Simple open up a capsule, mix it with a little water to turn into a paste, and GENTLY (not abrasively) brush your teeth with it for two minutes. It works because it sucks up toxins, including plaque. You can repeat it several times a week (please check with your dentist) and here is some more background information on the supplement.

3.    Tumeric – Now this is a new one to me and the latest craze in the Makeup Obsessives Group (, that everyone is trying and swearing it works! I’ve always known that turmeric is one of those miracle spices – it’s nature’s best anti-inflammatory, but didn’t know it is even more magical than one would think! Mix a little with the same amount of baking soda and coconut oil, brush your teeth for one to one and a half minutes, and ta-da! You will have the brightest smile in town. I did a bit of googling and it looks like it’s true! I’ll definitely be testing this one out. Here is a vlog of turmeric teeth whitening.
If you really want to go all out on keeping your smile bright, then drink your morning tea or coffee through a straw! This will keep stains at bay!



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