The Best Products for Luscious Locks

Apart from booking yourself in for an Olaplex treatment to rescue your hair, looking after your hair on a day-to-day basis is key to luscious locks.

Here are my best tried and tested hair products that truly revive dry, brittle, colour damaged hair. And in serious cases of damage, I suggest swapping out your conditioner for a treatment mask every time you wash your hair.

Just because Shampoo may be the most boring hair product, doesn’t mean it isn’t important. There are some great restorative shampoos out there that look after your colour and that add moisture and strength. Most importantly, you need to make sure it is of a high quality so it is not stripping your hair of it’s natural oils.

Redken Extreme Shampoo(3) has to be my ultimate favourite, as it is moisturising without weighing my hair down or making it oily. This is a protein enriched formula which claims to reduce breakage by 75% (see Other great options are the Joico K-Pak Shampoo and Conditioner(2) or for an option heavier on the moisture, choose L’Oreal’s Intense Repair Shampoo(1).

Adding in shower treatments are the best way to bring the salon to your shower. I never use conditioner anymore and always replace it with a treatment mask. Mix them up, alternating a protein treatment with a moisturising treatment or use one with both. Be careful to not overload your hair with keratin as this will make it brittle and dry it out, which is why it is important to also use a moisture treatment. I love to use the Redken Extreme CAT Strengthening Treatment(4) with the Redken Blonde Idol Mask(7) over the top. If you are a darker maned beauty try the Kerastase Masque Intense(5) or Kevin Murphy’s Angel Masque(6) in place of the Blonde Idol treatment. Any of these treatments will drastically improve the condition of your hair, leaving it visibly smoother, softer and shinier.

The final step in taking the best care of your hair is the leave in treatments. My holy grail, the one hair product I could never give up is Kerastase’s Ciment Thermique(8). It is a heat-activated reconstructing milk, for dry and damaged hair. So instead of then damaging your hair with your heat tools, it actually activates the product, making your hair feel incredible – and it smells good too. The only other product that has ever come close to this for me, is Eleven’s Miracle Hair Treatment(9). This is also a heat protectant as well as having UVA and UVB filters, two of the eleven benefits delivered with this treatment. If there is one thing you should take away from reading this is never use heat tools without a heat protectant! It will end in tears, eventually.




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