The Best Face Masks for Stopping Breakouts

Any skin regime that is beneficial to your skin should include a weekly face mask. It’s a great way to deep cleanse and pack your skin full of powerful healing goodies. If breakouts are your concern, I’ve put together a list of my favourite whitehead-busting, blackhead combating, oil controlling must-haves. Sound like something you need? If so, read on.

If you are answering yes to this you most likely have a combination, oily or normal to oily skin type. A face mask is a great way to deep cleanse down in the pores and get to the root of the problem, minimising the appearance of pores and reducing breakouts. Using a mask once or twice a week can significantly help these issues, and if you are combination skin type with an oily t-zone only (your forehead, nose and chin), you can simply use a mask to treat these concerns on this area only.

Three of my favourites to deep cleanse, tighten pores and reduce oil buildup are the Skinfood Mud Masque, Masque by Tailor and the GlamGlow Super Mud Clearing Mask Treatment (priced from lowest to highest). The first two options are both New Zealand products (yippee!) and both very affordable.

The Skinfood Mud Masque is available from the supermarket for around $10 – $14 which makes it a very convenient choice, and is a great option for very oily skin. It is made with Rotorua mud, has aloe vera to soothe and jojoba oil to balance skin. Shop the Skinfood Mud Masque here.

Tailor Skincare’s ‘Masque by Tailor’ is the “ultimate detoxifying facial treatment for break out prone skin”. This was the first product developed by owner Sara Quilter after she found bentonite clay an effective and gentle way to detoxify the skin. The mask has soothing organic kanuka essential oil in it which really leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and pampered. It is the most luxurious smelling and feeling of the three. Shop Masque by Tailor here.

The most expensive option, the GlamGlow Super Mud Clearing Treament Mask, is definitely worth the pennies and the hype. It claims to be the worlds most scientifically advanced clearing treatment and contains a blend of AHA and BHA acids for “mind-blowing faster results”. It does much more than clear the skin, with the AHA’s & BHA’s stimulating collagen and elasticity, improving skin texture, reducing inflammation, promoting healing and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. This is my favourite mask to use once a week and is gentle enough to use on my dry cheeks as well as my oily t-zone. Definitely my pick of the bunch. Shop the GlamGlow mask here.

Next week I will showcase some of the best anti-aging masks so stay tuned!




  1. Love this post! My favourite time of the week is to relax and enjoy a good mask and I really want to try the Skinfood mud mask now, have heard a lot of good things about the brand and I looooovvvvvvee mud masks, they are so fun and always effective!

    Hana xx

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