Clare Andrew’s Parisian Style & Beauty Secrets

This week I was lucky enough to get to talk to Clare Andrew, owner of event company Les Gens, and find out a little about her beauty regime and her style must-haves.

Tell us a little about yourself? I spent three years living in Paris and came back to New Zealand with a desire to create interesting, inspiring events to connect people that wouldn’t normally meet. I studied marketing and international business and now run my own business, Les Gens.

What does your skincare routine consist of? I’ve always been blessed with good skin so my beauty routine is actually quite simple! I always wash my face with hot water and a flannel in the morning before putting on makeup. At night I make sure I take my makeup off before putting on Nellie Tier night cream, which is all natural and made in NZ. Twice a week I exfoliate my face with Lush Sea Salt, it’s amazing!

If there were three beauty products that you couldn’t live without, what would they be? Nellie Tier day cream moisturiser, Maybelline Mascara and YSL Touche ├ęclat.

What is your signature scent? Jo Malone Red Roses.

What is your favourite low end product? Batiste dry shampoo!

What is your favourite high end product? La Mer moisturiser.

On a typical morning what does your beauty routine consist of? During the week I don’t wear much makeup, I like to keep things bare and natural. I wash my face with hot water, moisturise, pat under my eyes if I have dark circles and then put on mascara, concealer under my eyes and a bit of blush!

What is your best asset and how do you show that off? I think my best asset would be my cheekbones. I find that a brush of light pink blush really helps them stand out.

Describe your style? During the day in winter, I have a fairly laid back style – skinny jeans, boots and an oversized knit. In summer, you will mostly find me in feminine, floaty dresses. At night I like to get really dressed up and find my style inspiration from chic Parisians such as Caroline de Maigret.

This winter what is one clothing item on your must have list? A baby blue coat from Coop by Trelise Cooper.

What is your favourite local store? Currently, I love everything from Juliette Hogan.

What is your favourite international store and your favourite shopping destination? Paris is by far my favourite shopping destination, you can find so many amazing, eclectic items. My favourite shop there would have to be Merci Boutique, they have such a great collection.

What does Les Gens have planned for the rest of 2015? We have a pop-up dinner in a secret location coming up (invitations will be going out soon) and then will be planning our annual Ball!

Thank you so much Clare for your time in answering these questions! Be sure to check out the Les Gens website here.




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