YouTuber Feature: Arna Alayne

Arna is a kiwi beauty guru who is also an accomplished classical violinist. She currently resides in Melbourne, Australia as she studies towards her PhD in Violin Performance at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. She makes weekly videos on beauty and fashion on her channel ‘Arna Alayne’, and hopes to one day to be able to evenly juggle her YouTube and Music careers.

What does your skincare routine consist of? Well, in the evenings I have a much more detailed routine than the mornings as I wear a lot of makeup! I firstly remove my makeup with Bioderma and a cotton pad. Then I exfoliate with St Ives Apricot Scrub, and Cleanse with Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser. This double cleansing routine has worked absolute wonders at keeping my skin clear. Then, I apply a serum if I feel my skin needs an extra boost, such as the Elemis Super Boost Serum, and follow with moisturiser; my favourite holy grail product is Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel. And finally I apply my Origins Ginseng Eye Cream and some lipbalm. In the mornings, I simply apply moisturiser and eye cream as I don’t like to remove the natural oils that have developed overnight. They create an excellent protective barrier.

If there were three beauty products that you couldn’t live without, what would they be? My Clinique Moisturiser, My ELF Eyebrow Kit, and my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer.

What is your signature scent? Chanel No. 5.

What is your favourite low end product? (Hair/Skincare/Makeup) Has to be the Elf Brow Kit!

What is your favourite high end product? (Hair/Skincare/Makeup) Ahhhhh! Too many to choose as I’m a luxury girl at heart! But right now I’m loving Guerlain Meteorites in Clair.

On a typical morning what does your beauty routine consist of? Wake up, apply skincare, apply makeup, brush teeth after eating, do my hair, apply lippy and perfume, then out the door.

What is your best asset and how do you show that off? Hmmm tough question! I’d say either my porcelain skin or my eyes! I don’t use fake tan and definitely don’t tan in the sun so I embrace my pale skin and protect it with sunscreen. And my eyes I simply love to show off with contrasting shadows of gold, brown, and tans which PPP with blue eyes!

Describe your style? I have definitely evolved from the “pretty” girly style of my late teens to a grown up sophisticated ‘Melbourne’ style! I used to wear only pretty dresses with many bow accessories but now LOVE pants, jeans, simple classic tshirts, blouses, monochrome etc! I love looking casual yet sexy! Knits that are see through over black longline bras with high waisted black skinny jeans and sexy black ankle boots! It’s all about the sex appeal haha but then I also love swing dresses for when I want to be more ‘pretty’. Any tops or dresses that hug at the bust then flow out are my up of tea as they’re kinda 60’s retro! I’d say my style has definitely gone from polished to effortless and I’m loving it! My muses are Anna from ViviannaDoesMakeup and Supermodels haha.

This winter what is one clothing item on your must have list? A new leather jacket! Expensy but worth the investment.


Thanks Arna! Make sure you check out her YouTube channel here and follow her on Facebook.



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