Mac’s Cinderella Collection

I haven’t been this excited about a Mac collection since the Barbie for Mac collection in 2007. Disney has collaborated with Mac to launch a collection to celebrate the new Cinderella movie, in cinemas March 26th in New Zealand.


New Zealand of course is one of the last country’s to receive it, and we had to wait patiently for it’s launch in store on March 16th. No luck trying to buy it online earlier – it’s all sold out. Not unless you want to pay double the price on Ebay.

Disappointment soon set in when I arrived in store on the 16th. No, it wasn’t sold out, there was plenty of stock. But the prices were horrendous. $116 for the 6 eyeshadow palette when it was $44 in the US. $49 for a lipstick. $64 for a powder. $50 for an eyeglass.

But, looking past the prices, the products are beautiful. The packaging is a gorgeous Cinderella glossy baby blue. The shades of the makeup are fit for a princess, literally.

So I wasn’t to break the bank, I picked up a Lustre Lipstick in the shade ‘Royal Ball’ and a Studio Eye Gloss in ‘Lightly Tauped’.



The lipstick is especially to die for, and I can’t wait to have a play around with the Eye Gloss as I haven’t used one of these before. I am particularly jealous of those of you that splashed out and bought the palette, as the colours are just gorgeous.

Now all we have to do is wait for the movie!




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