Tailor Skincare Review

This week I have been trialling the new lovely skincare on the market, Tailor Skincare. It arrived in an eco courier bag and ever since then I’ve been impressed!

The first thing that caught my eye was the simple, stylish packaging – something I won’t mind seeing on my vanity! I tried the Dry Cleanse, the Oil Cleanse, Tailor Masque and Tailor Moisture.

My favourite product was the Oil Cleanse. It smells heavenly and leaves my skin feeling super soft. That combined with the Tailor Moisture leaves you feeling like you have just spent the day at the spa.

The Dry Cleanse left my skin feeling rejuvenated and Tailor Masque was a nice treat, am definitely looking forward to my next one.

It’s great to get those nasty impurities out. What really impresses me about these products is that they contain only natural and organic ingredients, and that they are cruelty free. A win for everybody!


Ingredients: Tailor will use only ingredients which benefit the mind, body and skin.

Because only pure and natural ingredients should be used on our skin and put into our bodies. Tailor is about using and promoting ingredients beneficial to the mind, body and skin. This premise is used in the creation of each Tailor Skin Care’s products.

Earth: Tailor will strive to make environmentally responsible business decisions
All jars and bottles are made with beautiful royal blue glass which can be reused or recycled.

Jars and bottles are sent around New Zealand in eco packs made with recycled card by NZ Couriers.В Tailor singles are packaged with recycled card.В Tailor products can be eco wrapped with copies of Taranaki Live Magazine (Their paper is chlorine free and their ink is free of mineral oil)

Animals: Tailor believes animal rights are paramount.

Tailor products will only ever be tested on humans using vegan ingredients with the exception of organic unrefined bees wax. To keep your lips looking lovely.

You can buy Tailor products online here.




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